Has the time arrived to remove your swimming pool? Specializing in efficient swimming pool removal in Addison, Texas, Remove A Pool DFW provides a full range of services to meet your needs.

Every property owner has a different reason for seeking our swimming pool removal services. Some of the reasons include:

  • No longer in use, children have grown and left home.
  • The pool needs costly repairs or complete replacement
  • Monthly cleaning, maintenance, and chemical fees keep rising.
  • The pool is a hazard to your young children, grandchildren or pets.
  • Participating in the green initiative, you want to save on utility consumption.

Regardless of the reason, our team is available to help you reclaim your property for your next project.

Our High-Quality Addison, Texas Pool Removal Process

Believing in high-quality customer service from the start, we at Remove A Pool DFW provide a free no obligation estimate. During the quote process, our estimator will go over all the details and develop a plan of action.


Providing a stress-free experience, our Remove A Pool DFW team researches your local ordinances. At this time, we obtain the necessary permits for swimming pool removal in Addison, Texas. Allowing us to handle all the paperwork, saves you time and money.

Our Professional Pool Demolition Process

Prior to starting the demolition process, we check utility lines. Safety is always a priority throughout each stage of the pool removal process. If necessary, we drain the pool. Next, our team begins the process of removing your swimming pool.

Remove A Pool DFW offers two types of pool removal.

  • Partial: Using industrial strength tools and machinery, our team breaks down the pool into smaller pieces. Removing the upper part of the swimming pool, we leave the rest of the structure in the ground. Partial pool removal is generally less costly with a faster turnaround rate.
  • Complete: Our team removes all aspects of your swimming pool from your property. Complete removal eliminates any pool related restrictions for building on the area.

Both pool removal choices yield high-end results. Our experts finalize each of the above Addison, Texas swimming pool removal services by filling in any open cavities with gravel and topsoil. Our team also has the knowledge and training to demolish any structure surrounding the pool. If you are preparing to build your property, we offer grading and site preparation services.

Complete customer satisfaction is our goal for our highly rated Addison, Texas swimming pool removal process. If you are ready for your free estimate or need more information, please contact us at Remove A Pool DFW.

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    Top 5 Reasons to Remove a Pool

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