When you look at your swimming pool, do you feel joyful? Or do you feel your swimming pool is a burden to your property? We at Remove A Pool DFW understand the need for a change. Helping you with your next property project, we offer high-quality Prosper, Texas swimming pool removal services.

Reasons for Swimming Pool Removal in Prosper, Texas

Every property owner has a different reason for engaging our high-quality pool removal services. Some of our past customers have shared their reasons with us, including:

  • No one uses the pool anymore
  • The pool needs ongoing and costly repairs
  • Chemicals and cleaning expense keeps increasing
  • Want to install a new energy efficient swimming pool
  • Eliminate potential hazards for young children, grandchildren or pets
  • Reclaim the yard space for gardening, outdoor entertainment area or other more functional projects
  • Want to attract more buyers when putting the home on the market

Regardless of your reason for needing our services, we are ready to help.

Our High-Quality Prosper, Texas Swimming Pool Removal Process

At each stage of the pool removal process, our team strives to meet and exceed customer expectations for high-quality service.

Free Estimate

Remove A Pool DFW offers each of our potential clients a free estimate. We go over all the details and develop a plan of action for your demolition.


After you accept our estimate, we schedule a date to remove your swimming pool. Prior to beginning the demolition process, we acquire the necessary permits and research your local ordinances.

Demolition Process

Remove A Pool DFW offers two choices for swimming pool removal in Prosper, Texas. We start each choice by securing the area. We check and disconnect any remaining utility lines. If necessary, we are able to drain the pool. We use only top of the line equipment, machinery, and proven techniques for an efficient pool removal process.

  • Abandonment: Leaving part of the pool in the ground, we only remove the top portion of the pool.
  • Exhumation: We completely remove all components of your swimming pool from your property.

Our knowledgeable, experienced team is able to demolish and remove your pool’s surrounding structure if needed.


A major part of the Prosper, Texas swimming pool removal process is cleanup. Removing all debris from your property, we fill in open areas with gravel and topsoil. If possible, we recycle any usable materials which helps in saving you money.

If you are ready to engage in our superior Prosper, Texas swimming pool removal services, please contact us at Remove A Pool DFW today.

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