Remove A Pool is your local Rockwall, Texas swimming pool removal contractor. We making having your unwanted pool demolished easy because we take care of everything that’s involved with the project, including the permits, skilled labor, and site restoration.

What’s Involved With Swimming Pool Removal in Rockwall, Texas

There’s a lot involved with removing a swimming pool, and it’s important to do every step of the job correctly, otherwise, you could be faced with huge fines from the county, problems with sinkholes in your yard, or even end up dealing with a lawsuit.

Here at Remove A Pool, we’ve been helping homeowners like you reclaim their backyards for over 25 years. During that time, we’ve developed the safest, most efficient pool demolition techniques in the business – techniques that are designed to both prevent unwanted damage and deliver lasting results.

Here’s what’s involved with every one of our Rockwall, Texas swimming pool removal projects:

  • We start by inspecting the property, mapping out the site, and creating a detailed plan
  • We contact all of your utility providers to locate any buried lines near your swimming pool
  • We obtain the necessary demolition permit on your behalf from Rockwall County
  • Once all the permits are in place and the inspections are completed, we’ll schedule your pool removal as soon as possible
  • Our licensed contractors will disconnect the water, electrical, and gas lines from your pool pump, heater, and filtration system, ensuring everything is capped off safely
  • We’ll siphon out all the water from your pool to prevent flooding of your home, yard, and adjacent properties
  • Our pool removal experts will use hand tools, power tools, and heavy machinery to break down the structure of your pool, taking care to protect your fencing, buildings, and landscaping while we work
  • We’ll sort all the recyclable materials out, and remove all the debris from your property
  • We’ll fill and level the entire area where your pool was using clean fill to ensure the project site is safe, stable, and resists sinkholes and flooding
  • To finish the job up, we can plant grass seed over the entire worksite at your request

Here at Remove A Pool, we make sure that all the work we do is safe and compliant with all building codes and environmental regulations, and we stand behind all of our high-quality pool removal services with our 5-year satisfaction guarantee.

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